You Can't Make This Stuff Up: The Writers' Strike

office_320x240.jpg Today, as I watch my DVR list dwindle, I'm taking a look on the bright side of the writers' strike.We're all missing Dwight and Michael's antics on The Office and Jack and Lemon's witty banter over at 30 Rock, but I'm in search of a silver lining. Here are 8: 1. Soap operas disappear. Unless some writer's long-lost evil twin brother comes back from the grave to pen new episodes of Days of Our Lives. 2. More time for YouTube otters holding hands and Diet Coke + Mentos videos. 3. American Gladiators returns on NBC -- and now it's prime time. I'm so into spandex-clad muscles and the pain of Powerball that I liveblogged the first episode! 4. Self-help reality shows are like free life coaches. With financial whiz Suze Orman, the trainers from The Biggest Loser and fashion guru Tim Gunn on my side, I'll never sign on for an adjustable rate mortgage that I don't understand, gain 100 pounds or hang onto ugly mom jeans. 5. Hmm... maybe I'll finally finish that last dauntingly long Harry Potter book. 6. I can catch up on the best shows I missed with DVDs of Dexter, Monk, Weeds and Lost. (Yes, I'm a late bloomer.) 7. Kirk Cameron is now an intensely devout Christian with his own kooky avatar at, which is way more exciting than his scripted, vanilla Growing Pains character, Mike Seaver. Get the man a camera crew and start filming VH1's "Born-Again Teen Idol." Stat. 8. If all else fails, I may just go out and try to meet the neighbors. Got more? Writers, we miss you!