Win-It Wednesday: Newsletter and the Lancome party!

Last week's winners (all of whom graciously signed up for my soon-to-be-sent-out newsletter) are going to be named by part of their email addresses (since I didn't ask for names--oops!). They are: yellowcardrox, manda keener, redslinky, flayla14 and skoolsux697. You know who you are, so email me your addresses and you'll get your Juicy Tubes and books (let me know if you want Violet on the Runway OR Violet by Design!).And for this week, the contest will take place in person. I know it's not fair if you don't live nearby, but I promise to have a contest for everyone next week! NJ-ites and close people, see below for details and RSVP notes--hope to see you Friday night. ChrisKan_Email%20blast_NJ.jpg