Marketing Monday: Author Love

There are so many authors out there who have fantastic blogs, and it's fun to show love for each others' books and posts. After all, readers wanna hear about new titles, so it's kind of a win-win.Big thanks to these authors who've been sweet about Violet on the Runway (they have cool sites and smart, funny things to say, plus contests -- yay! -- and when I figure out how to work a blogroll on Movable Type, they're so on mine). Sarah Dessen Ally Carter Elizabeth Scott Sarah Disgrace (Sarah Grace McCandless) the hopeful Jolene Siana YA Fresh (Kelly Parra and Tina Ferraro) Laura Bowers on the writer's road less traveled... (Alyssa Goodnight) Sarah Hantz The Urban Muse (Susan Johnston) Beth Kephart Cosmos and Chat (Marianne Mancusi) Westerblog (Scott Westerfeld) The Idea Boutique (Heather Waters) What's your favorite author blog? PS-Those sparkly bats? Nothing to do with anything. I just like them and their Mickey Mouse ears.