Friday Fondness for Mortified

V. excited about this weekend's parties, but I've said enough about those! Oh, I'm also happy about that big football game on Sunday, which I think of as an excuse to eat a ton of my friend Phil's gourmet food.But what I can't hold in any longer is my love for Mortified, and I'm so glad that I can share it in video form now that they've got these thrilling performances up: // The Mortified Shoebox Show //
Watch it, love it, laugh at it, and if you can get to a show, live it. I may even post some of my own mortifying diary entries on this blog one day, a la Megan McCafferty's retroblog. Sweet. PS-My favorite video might be "I Hate Drake" -- warning: curse word alert! PPS-Yes, Fashion Week has begun, but let's not forget that Newsweek is predicting The Rise of the Real People. Yay!