Win-It: Ballet Shoes, with Emma Watson

It was awesome to hear about good deeds last week. A few people said they felt uncomfortable tooting their own horn, but I say TOOT TOOT! We all deserve to celebrate the ways we help to make the world better. Like, I think the makers of these tattoos make the world better, but I know some of you might disagree. I just have to say one more thing about YA for Obama: my vlog is up today! I hope you'll go watch it and comment. And, for the other side, there's now a YA for McCain group, which is really cool--something for everyone!Now, political stuff over and it's time to talk of shiny, pretty things: Shiny, pretty #1: The winner of Elizabeth Scott's Living Dead Girl (+ TESS lip gloss) is... Nikki U! Send me your address, N. 200px-Ballet_Shoes.jpg Shiny, pretty #2: I have five (yes! five!) DVDs I have to give away for this week's Win-It Wednesday. Ballet Shoes, The BBC Adaptation of Noel Streatfeild's 1936 novel, stars Emma Watson in her first non-Harry Potter role. I love her! I interviewed her for ELLEgirl and she was totally sweet. The story revolves around three orphans raised as sisters--Pauline, Petrova and Posy Fossil--who are eventually left to fend for themselves. Each has a talent--acting, machinery and... ballet! Pauline also experiences overnight stardom... not unlike a certain book character whose name starts with V (and Emma herself, actually). I like Emma, I like the BBC and I like ballet (not that I'm good at it, but I just think it's a gorgeous art, minus the bloody toes). So I'm happy to be able to give away five copies of the DVD to five random commenters! The question to answer in the comments is: If you were going to be famous overnight, what would it be for? Happy Wednesday! PS-Thank you Em for the VIP review! PPS-Here's the original cover for Ballet Shoes from the 1930s (there are new editions on amazon here). I love vintage books! 21h2XtCg5WL._SS500_.jpg