I heart your blog! (Plus contest links)

i_love_your_blog.jpg Pop Culture Junkie Alea and The Chick Manifesto's Amee have given me the "I Heart Your Blog" award, and I thank you both! (UPDATE: Jocelyn of Teen Book Review also hearted me! Yay! UPDATE 2: So did Gabrielle of Innovative: A Word for the Wri-Teen--thanks! UPDATE 3: Alyssa Goodnight shared love too! UPDATE 4: The generous Writers Block Reviews listed me in great company--wahoo!) UPDATE 5: Em hearted me (and called me cute)! Yay! UPDATE 6: Another nomination from Peace, Love, Vote Books! Thanks, Voter!Now, I get to pass it on. Rules: 1) Add the logo of the award to your blog. Check. 2) Add a link to the person who awarded it to you. Done! 3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs. Okay, but I read a ton more than this, I just thought of these first today. 4) Add links to those blogs on your blog. See below. 5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs! Okay! Blogs I Heart: 1. Fashion Robot. So much personality, so little time. My favorites are outfit-posting days. 2. The Longstockings. Eight YA novelists writing about whatever crosses their minds. How could this be anything but total fun? The writers include: Siobhan Vivian (a fabulous road trip partner, I might add), Coe Booth, Caroline Hickey, Kathryne B Alfred, Lisa Greenwald, Lisa Graff, Jenny Han and Daphne Grab. 3. The Book Nymph. Kate gets in-depth with her reviews, and also includes her emotional reactions, which feels really honest and complete! 4. michaelnorthrop.net: My friend Michael Northrop has a debut YA novel called Gentlemen coming out from Scholastic in Spring 2009. I have already read it (I'm special like that, sometimes), and it's fantastic. Also: It has a crazy cool cover, and I hope Michael will share his Cover Story here one day. But about his blog: It's funny because he is funny. 5. Style Goodies. A quick and entertaining place to find out about various corners of the fashion and beauty worlds. 6. Magazine Milf. Because I can't read all the magazines I get, let alone all the magazines that are printed, and somehow this snarky siren keeps up with most of them. 7. Single-ish. My friend Erin is the girl half of the dating blogger for Glamour, and I love her for her smarts and wit. Now, I just have to add two contest links, just for fun: 1. Win a signed copy of Violet in Private over at Kathleen's Book Reviews (I met her this weekend at a book fair, which was so much fun!). 2. Head over to Kelly Parra's Secret Fates Extravaganza, where there are oh-so-many chances to win great books as part of the promo party for her new novel Invisible Touch. I'll be blogging about a secret there next week! Here's the promo video: