Violet Contest Entry: Liviania's Love Your Body campaign

Based on the Mirabella Prince "Love Your Body" campaign in Violet by Design, the fabulous Liviania created her own LYB ads starring friends of hers. What a cool idea! I really adore the photos she took, which are natural and sweet and gorgeous. (I almost said, "Easy breezy beautiful" but that's Cover Girl's line...). Enjoy!Ad_Four_Version_Two_by_LoveYourBody.jpgAd_Three_Version_Two_by_LoveYourBody.jpgAd_Two_Version_Two_by_LoveYourBody.jpg And speaking of Body Image, Little Willow did a fantastic interview with awesome author Claire Mysko, who wrote You're Amazing! A No-Pressure Guide to Being Your Best Self (a signed copy of which will soon be up on Win-It Wednesday!). Quote of the day from Claire: "I think we can't have true beauty without health."