Win-It Wednesday: The Daughters (signed!) by Joanna Philbin

First, the winner of last week's Something Like Fate contest is... Lasha! Send me your address, L.booksdaughters.jpgLast night I went to the launch party for The Daughters, the debut novel of Joanna Philbin (who looked totally pretty in pink). The book is about growing up in a celebrity family and the fabulous (and scary and heartbreaking and humiliating and insecure) moments that come with that. Joanna herself is Regis Philbin's daughter, so she knows of what she writes! The party was at the Rose Bar of the Gramercy Park Hotel (swank!) and there were signed copies of the book for all the guests, so I snagged one for you guys. Well, one of you. To enter to win, just comment below and tell me about the best online video you've seen recently. I could use some interesting youtube time. Here's mine: I can't wait for this movie (Easy A, a retelling of The Scarlett Letter -- ha!) just because this trailer delights me. Now THIS is committing to a joke: After the jump: Fuzzy iPhone pics of Joanna and the crowd at the book party (which included a glittering Joan Rivers!).

(Mortified that these are so dark/blurry but it was night-chic in there...) Joanna speaking about how this debut novel is a dream come true. Told you she was pretty in pink! joanna.jpg Joanna talking to friend Joan Rivers (who totally smiled at me and made my night!): joanriv.jpg Dad Regis giving a warm speech for Joanna, in which he said he'd found and read her old letters to Judy Blume! regis.jpg