Readergirlz May with Lisa Yee (+ Lovestruck Summer Sale!)

Come join the chatter on the readergirlz blog -- it'll be fun!rgz banner May 2010.jpg Check out the Rgz interview with Lisa, book party ideas themed around her book Absolutely Maybe (remember the Cover Story?), and our Reach Out project idea -- as well as the awesome soundtrack Lisa has chosen for the book -- on Also, Lisa cracks me up. Take a peek: Question: Are any of you guys who read this blog in a book club? What are you reading right now? (And either way, join readergirlz so you can book-club-it with me!) PS-Breaking News: It's almost summer (that's not the "breaking" part)! Lovestruck Summer is on super-sale at right now, in case you've been *ahem* meaning to read it. Skip your morning coffee and buy my book instead (for $2.40!!!). I promise, it'll give you a jolt. (Here's Diane at The Book Resort's take, which I love because I get to be called a "genius" -- yes, I read these nice reviews on rainy writing days. Thank you!) LovestruckSummer.jpg