Vote, okay?

vote_button.jpg I'm copying Wake author Lisa McMann because I think her post on this topic is really important. If you guys are 18, or will be by November, please, please register to vote. I won't ask you for whom, and I won't get political on this blog, but I do want to spread the word that if you get three friends to register, you get a Sheryl Crow CD from ROCK THE VOTE.(That may or may not be a plus, depending on your music tastes.) I will say that, in high school, I was mildly obsessed with this song: So there. I just admitted something semi-embarrassing, so do me a favor and click and register if you haven't already. Pretty please? It's a huge deal, and you do count. PS-I'm sharing another embarrassing thing over at Teen Fiction Cafe today! PPS-Still deciding on winners for The Big Contest--it's hard! Promise to announce sometime next week!