90210 2.0!! And a chat with Jennifer Lynn Barnes

(Quick note: I'm reading today with Poseur author Rachel Maude in Montclair, NJ at 2pm--see sidebar for info!)bh90210remake1.png425.new.90210.051308.jpg I couldn't let another day go by without posting about 90210 2.0. Disclaimer: There was no way I wasn't going to be into this premiere--I'm in too deep with my memories of the mid-90s. Now that you know that, here are some thoughts: It's definitely weird to see Michael from The Wire as the wholesome Brandon Walsh stand-in, but I'll adjust. He's a great actor. I swear I felt a thrill run through me when I saw Kelly Taylor, and I love that her little sister Erin is such a big character (who has major depth and the most potential for a great storyline so far, I think). I also can't believe I got to see Brenda! Seeing Nat was great too--long live the Peach Pit! And I'm so glad they stuck with a version of the original theme song. Phew. Speaking of songs, there were some great ones on this episode. Opening with Coldplay and using Adele's Chasing Pavements for the dramatic party dance moment? Awesome choices. (I'll forgive them the Jason Mraz oops.) The writing is fun--as I knew it would be because my friend Caprice is a writer on the show. And I'm excited that Shanae Grimes is starring--I'm a big Degrassi fan, too. Are you guys watching? What do you think? Am I just a nostalgic freak? PS-The awesomely pop culture obsessed author Jennifer Lynn Barnes hosted me for a few questions about TV and movies, and totally outed my never-watched-Gilmore Girls self. Oops! (But JLB, Mischa Barton left that dead girl role behind by the first episode of The OC. She was Marissa Cooper.) Comment there for an extra entry in Wednesday's contest. And check out JLB's newest series, The Squad, which I'm dying to read. PS-Dylan, I miss you!