America's Next Top Model... and readergirlz chat tonight!

First, please join me tonight at 9pm EST (6pm Pacific) on the readergirlz forum for a live chat. We can talk about anything you like!Now, there is a lot of TV on my mind this week. Today, I'm wondering, did you guys watch ANTM? My list: isis.jpg 1. I like Isis and I'm glad she's on the show. I think she'll educate some people! sheena.jpg 2. I'm really into Sheena. Her personality is red hot. VoteButton.gif 3. I'm glad they did an election-related shoot! marjorie.jpg 4. Marjorie reminds me of Agyness Deyn. Just her hair? Maybe. mckey.jpg 5. McKey's lips are To. Die. For. So do you guys have a favorite? Also, Violet in Private got a mention on the Tyra Show blog, along with some other great books, so check it out! I am so one step removed from Miss TyTy now, right?