Thank You! And a Chat With Model Selena Breed

First, I want to thank you guys so much for taking the time to weigh in here and on myspace with your thoughts on my blog -- I really appreciate all the insight! I definitely want to put a little more about me into my posts. Honestly, most of the reason I didn't is because I was thinking, Who would possibly care about the details of my life?, so thanks for letting me know that you do! It's not really "me" to talk about a ton of personal stuff, so it'll just be a balance of what feels right and interesting. I also think my love for brevity and visuals might come from the magazine work I do, where everything has to be way boiled down and pithy, with visuals. Phew! Great talk.of%3D50%2C590%2C442.jpeg Anyway, I wanted to share this interview I did with model Selena Breed, who was with me at the Violet by Design and Lancome party (she's one of their spokesmodels, and that's us on the left). She is truly fun, cool, smart and a total inspiration for girls interested in the modeling world -- she's all about being grounded and self-confident before you put yourself in front of all the people in Fashion who will judge you on your looks. (And her first job was as the poster girl for one of those school-picture companies -- how cute!) I wanted to be a model when I was about 10. I even made my mom take me to an agency, where they told me I had "good cheekbones." I held onto that compliment for years (okay, I obviously still treasure it), even though the meeting went nowhere. My modeling bug faded around age 12 anyway, but I think all girls get bit by it at some point, right? Anyone else? There'll be a couple more installments of Selena interviews soon, but this is the first. Let me know what you think here or on PS-You can also sign up to read excerpts from Violet by Design on your phone with ELLEgirl mobile. Cool!