Win-It Wednesday: The Girl I Wanted to Be and Violet by Design

0743285182_l.gif Thanks for all the fantastic links you guys posted as entries for last week's contest! I got to read an amazing essay about Kurt Cobain by author Stephanie Kuehnert, got to salivate over LA sandwich shops and a Chicago bakery, and got to watch hilarious videos on youtube, among many other online experiences thanks to you guys!And the randomly chosen winner of a signed copy of Violet by Design (out next week!) is... Deirdre! Email me your address, D. This week, you're playing for an autographed copy of the above-shown The Girl I Wanted to Be by the lovely and super-smart Sarah Grace McCandless. It's the story of 14-year-old Presley Moran, who has always looked up to her vivacious and charming Aunt Betsi, until the summer she discovers a few family secrets, and the girl she wanted to be slowly falls from her pedestal. It's funny and poignant, insightful and moving. And now you know why I'm not a book reviewer (I'm so bad at this!) but trust me: You'll like this one. The Girl I Wanted to Be made me think about the girl crushes I've had, both celebrity and real-life. Two latest examples are Rihanna (I want her ever-changing haircuts... more on that in a future blog post) and, someone I met recently, the Lancome VP of Public Relations, Kerry Diamond, who is really nice and totally exudes chic-ness, and who once wrote a book with legendary makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin. So there you have it. And my question to you is: Who is your girl crush? Celebrity, real life, historical figure--I want to hear! Comment below or on myspace, and you'll be entered to win SG's fabulous book! Happy Wednesday. Oh, PS-Next week, in honor of release week (did I mention Violet by Design comes out March 4th? Oh, I did. Sorry.), I'll be giving away a book EVERY DAY. That's five books total I'm giving away, if you're the counting sort. I'll announce the schedule on Friday so you can see what you stand to win. I love contests, can you tell?