Marketing Monday: What do you like about blogs? (And Oscar)

First, I just really have to say that Keri Russell had my favorite look last night at the Oscars. This photo doesn't really do it justice--the color and fabric looked more vivid on TV. And no, the dripping-with-sparkle necklace didn't hurt, but I really do love the simplicity of her Nina Ricci gown. Pretty! So who do you think had the best red carpet style?kerioscars.jpgkerioscars2.jpg Glamour girls aside, I have a few questions for anyone who reads my blog. One reader, we'll call her "M," actually wrote a paper for English class about this blog! Yay! So flattering. She was mostly positive, but she did bring up some interesting, possibly negative points, and gave me permission to quote her on one: M wrote: "Her audience is not feeling as connected to Melissa as some of the other author blogs. Other authors discuss their lives." My question: Do you guys really want to hear more about my life? M is right--I don't write much about the day to day, but mainly that's because I'm not sure you'd care about the chronicles of heating up a Weight Watchers meal for lunch and then working on a story for Glamour before watching a little Oprah. So tell me: Would you like to know more? Do you think I'm an impersonal blogger? Do your favorite bloggers really let you into their lives? Let me know--I'm truly curious. I really do adore it when you guys post comments (the current contest to show links has been so much fun--I love all the things you've sent that I never would have seen otherwise!). And thanks to M for making me really think about what I'm blogging!