Win-It Wednesday: E. Lockhart's Ruby Oliver series

The winning author photo is... Formal-ish! Thanks to the 250 people who voted. Total landslide: Screen shot 2011-04-13 at 2.54.19 PM.png Melissa Walker headshot.jpg (The secret is that it's actually a photo from my wedding day, but you can't REALLY tell that... right? And I loved how AmandaSue said, "it just seems more you," which is what I'm going for overall.)

Anyway, the winner of Gayle Forman's Where She Went--chosen randomly from the comments--is... Julia, That Hapa Chick! And I realize I forgot to announce a winner for the week before last's giveaway for Ruta Sepetys's Between Shades of Gray... oops! That winner is Ariel! Send me your addresses, J and A.

Ruby-Oliver-series.jpg This week, I'm throwing Win-It Wednesday over to Readergirlz, where Figment and Readergirlz are encouraging everyone to Rock the Drop tomorrow (Thurs, 4/14) to support YALSA's Teen Lit Day! That means leaving a YA title or two out in a public place for someone else to find (you can get a bookplate to explain the donation here). If you do that, and then email a photo of your dropped book or share the story with readergirlz AT, you're entered to win the full set of E. Lockhart's Ruby Oliver books, which make me so happy. They are seriously GREAT.

So pick a book to give away (you know your shelves are crowded anyway!) and let readergirlz know when you Rock the Drop!

Rock the Drop with Readergirlz and Figment

Ruby-Oliver-series.jpgI love this coming Thursday, when I'm going to sprinkle NYC with YA novels to celebrate YALSA's Support Teen Lit Day! Brooklyn, the West Village, midtown, and the subway in between. YES! Join me in your own town? Here's more info from Readergirlz (including how you can win a set of E. Lockhart's Ruby Oliver books, shown above).

Oh, and a video by Crissa Chappell and her niece Corie, who are both geniuses:

I Rock The Drop from crissachappell on Vimeo.

Happy Tuesday!

Who Loves Ally Carter?

I do! Have you guys read her books? If not, you are missing out.Seriously, I'm reading Heist Society right now and I'm amazed at her skill with all the characters and the twists. I love a good caper! rgz banner July 2010.jpg This month at readergirlz, we're talking with Ally about the fourth book in her Gallagher Girls series, Only the Good Spy Young. So far, we've hit on codenames, chameleons and different points of view. Also, the live chat? It will rule. It's on Wednesday. On twitter. Happy Sunday!

Win-It Wednesday + Your Date With John Green

sunset_sailing.jpgSo this contest is still going on, through June 30th! Don't worry about reading through and not repeating already-suggested sailboat names, just get in that comment box and brainstorm away! It is all soooo helpful. Thank you! The Prize: A box o' books! In other news, there's a LIVE readergirlz twitter chat tonight with John Green at 6pm PST/9pm EST. Be there! If you've never used Twitter before, here's how to do it in three easy steps: 1. First, create a Twitter account if you don't have one already. It's easy and free, and all you need is an e-mail address. 2. Log onto Twitter at 6 p.m. Pacific, 9 p.m. Eastern on June 16. 3. Type @realjohngreen plus your question, followed by #rgz. This asks John your question and funnels it into the readergirlz chat stream. To follow along the chat, go here (the #rgz Twitter stream). Going forward, you'll be able to follow rgz and lots of your favorite authors on Twitter. You can find us and everyone we follow here: Et voila. Happy Wednesday! PS-I'm on twitter too @melissacwalker.

Readergirlz May with Lisa Yee (+ Lovestruck Summer Sale!)

Come join the chatter on the readergirlz blog -- it'll be fun!rgz banner May 2010.jpg Check out the Rgz interview with Lisa, book party ideas themed around her book Absolutely Maybe (remember the Cover Story?), and our Reach Out project idea -- as well as the awesome soundtrack Lisa has chosen for the book -- on Also, Lisa cracks me up. Take a peek: Question: Are any of you guys who read this blog in a book club? What are you reading right now? (And either way, join readergirlz so you can book-club-it with me!) PS-Breaking News: It's almost summer (that's not the "breaking" part)! Lovestruck Summer is on super-sale at right now, in case you've been *ahem* meaning to read it. Skip your morning coffee and buy my book instead (for $2.40!!!). I promise, it'll give you a jolt. (Here's Diane at The Book Resort's take, which I love because I get to be called a "genius" -- yes, I read these nice reviews on rainy writing days. Thank you!) LovestruckSummer.jpg

Operation Teen Book Drop Day!

TBD10rgl.jpgWhat's today? It's Operation Teen Book Drop day!This is the third year readergirlz has helped lead the effort, and this year they'll be delivering 10,000 new books to teens on Native reservations and tribal lands. To learn more about the effort and rgz partners, check out the Operation TBD page. Many thanks to GuysLitWire, YALSA and If I Can Read I Can Do Anything! All you have to do is leave a book in a public space for some lucky reader to find. Viola! You've rocked the drop. (Grab an official bookplate and extras here!) I'm rocking the drop in Spain--photos soon! (Remember last year when I left books all over and Lovestruck Summer was in a daffodil planter?) LovestruckSummerinCity2.jpg Libros, libros, libros! Let's spread them all over the world, okay? Who's in?!