Photo Friday: Violet in France!

Violet on the Runway and Violet by Design were both released in France this week. Yay!Their titles are Violette Taille Mannequin (which I think means "Violet, Model-Size") and Violette Fashion Mais Pas Victime (um... "Violet, fashionable but not a victim"). If someone knows more French than I do, feel free to correct me. Also feel free to let me know what these ads, which ran together in a French newspaper, mean. I love them regardless! MOCHE%5B1%5D.jpg belle%5B1%5D.jpg Happy Friday! Or, um, Bonne Vendredi? PS-Correction! Bon Vendredi! (Thanks, Jacqueline.) PPS-I also LOVE that crazy purple skirt in ad #2 and how the demure white lace peeks out from the bottom. AND, it made me laugh that in the first ad, someone is handing Violet a tissue so she won't cry about being plain. PPPS-My friend Marie, who's French, confirms that the ads mean... "She thought she was ugly... but she's going to become the new Kate Moss." Yay! NEW UPDATE! My friend David Levithan is in Paris, and he took an awesome shot of Violette fashion mais pas victime on the shelf there! Thanks, David! violetfrench.jpg