Win-It Wednesday: IMPULSE by Ellen Hopkins

Last week's trifecta of books goes to... Anna! (She was comment #65, leaving a post about Free Book Friday). Send me your address, A! The random number generating gods have smiled on you. If you didn't win, there are a TON of contest links in the comments on last week's post... so go enter like crazy!impulse_cover-143x203.jpg This week I'm giving away a copy of IMPULSE by Ellen Hopkins. It happens to be the April readergirlz pick, so if you win you'll have to speed read and then join in our book talk! This book just floored me. It's the story of three teenagers who meet each other in a psych hospital after separate suicide attempts. I fell in love with Vanessa, Connor and Tony, and the bond that forms between them--it's amazingly touching how close they get, even after so much trust has been broken in their lives. IMPULSE is written in verse, which makes it's dark subjects easier to handle, somehow. Anyway, you guys probably know Ellen Hopkins' work--I'm so behind! But I'll be picking up the rest of her books now. To win, just leave a comment below and tell me about a book character you'd like to have as a best friend. For me, I think I'm in the mood to hang out with Gilda Joyce, a psychic investigator I just adore! Yeah, I read Middle Grade stuff sometimes too. These are the perfect little-sister books. Happy Wednesday!