Photo Friday: Vintage Wedding

Last weekend I went to an awesome wedding--my friend Dixie married the dashing Jeff. The entire day was 20s-and-30s themed, complete with guest mugshots and glorious fashion on the part of everyone there. Here are a few photos:melissa2.jpg Me, mugging. dancing.jpg The bride and groom, swirling on the dance floor. medixiemichelle.jpg Me with Dixie the bride and awesome author Michele Jaffe. lisaandmary.jpg The lovely Lisa and Mary, writers for The-N. (Some of these photos are Lisa's. Doesn't she make you NEED pink hair?). brideandgroom.jpg And finally, the gorgeous bride and groom. Congratulations, you guys! So fun! Happy Friday. *UPDATE!* Dixie and Jeff's wedding was featured in the New York Times this weekend. Read the how-they-met story--which is so amazingly kismet--here (and also see more of her gorgeous dress).