Three Things on a Thursday

violetimage.jpg 1. I just want to quickly thank Books are Life for the really sweet review of Violet on the Runway. The thing is, when I sat down to write a book about a gawky, awkward girl who becomes a model, I knew it would be a Cinderella story of sorts. But I didn't want it to be one of those impossibly perfect tales where the girl gets everything she ever wanted and life became one big bowl of sparkle ice cream. I wanted to show a real girl, with real problems, who faces both the glamorous and the dark sides of the fashion world.I was really happy that the Books are Life review mentioned how surprised she was that it wasn't simply one of those happy, happy, shiny books. It made me smile. 2. The Girl Project is really, really cool, and worth checking out. If you're a girl age 13-18, you can get a camera and document some of your world for this book-in-progress. Here's more info. 3. Remember to enter to win Coe Booth's Tyrell here on this very blog. And you also might want to enter Elizabeth Scott's contest for a chance to win a gajillion books (more or less). How's your Thursday going? I'm mad because my DVR got full and erased Monday's Gossip Girl! Argh. But it's sunny so I'm going to rise above.