Photo Friday: My New Wallet and Uglies!

yhst-89203462974565_1992_11445372.jpegI'm excited because I ordered this wallet in blue and it just arrived! I am so gonna get my sh-t together and make it all fit in this sleek little number. (I found the wallet through Sharp Lily, a great fashion blog. Thanks, SL!)

Okay, I know tons of people were all about the autographed copy of Uglies, so here's the big announcement: our random number generator has chosen.... Bohae! Send me your address, B. Everyone else, you know I'll have your backs with another contest next Wednesday.

And if you're hankering to win something right now, head over to YA Fresh, where there's a caption contest going on.

Oh, and how could I neglect to tell you about the contest going on at Book Chic, where I guest blogged this week? It's a chance to win BOTH Violet books, plus a L'Oreal lip gloss. Go, go!

Happy Friday!