Marketing Monday: Magazine Writing

teenvoguemarch.jpg I thought I'd write a little bit about magazines, because people sometimes ask me about pitching. Below is a story I wrote for Teen Vogue's March issue (click to enlarge if you want to read it). It's about the topic of gossip, which isn't exactly a new subject for teen magazines. However, there was a study that came out recently, saying that most people believe gossip over fact. The study was published in all the major newspapers (reading newspapers every day is key!) so that was the perfect hook to hang a story about gossip on, and Teen Vogue wanted to do a feature. Just one tip for selling a story: Find the timely angle. I'll blog more about magazine writing if you guys are interested.teenvoguegossip1.jpgteenvoguegossip2.jpgteenvoguegossip3.jpgteenvoguegossip4.jpg Oh, and magazine writer extraordinaire Sarah Jio interviewed me today, so stop by there and throw some love if you have time. Happy Monday, everyone!