On My Radar

Thanks for all your get-well wishes! I think you guys made me better. Well, I feel better anyway. But as my friend Kevin says, I shouldn't assume I'm better until at least tomorrow. So I'm taking it easy.Anyway, the winner of last week's Thursday contest is... Katie! Send me your address, and a copy of Carolyn Mackler's Guyaholic is yours. spencer-pratt-photo.jpg Now, I just found out that Radar has a new columnist. Yup, that guy on the left. I mean, this is a publication I've written for. Yee-ikes. But, okay, I'll probably read it to see what absolutely silly things he says. Will he trash Lauren some more? Rag on Brody? Discuss his love for graffiti on living room walls? I really can't wait for The Hills to come back on. Is that sad? Today, I did an interview with The Book Lady, so come say hi! And if you have questions for me, leave them there, and I will return to answer them (yes, you can ask anything!).