Cover Stories: Fashion Week Interview with Molly (aka Violet!)

MollyHurff.jpg Special Fashion Week post! Meet Molly H. She's the model on the cover of all three Violet books. She friended me on facebook one day, and we started talking. It was really cool to meet the books' cover model, and I thought you guys might be interested in her too. So I asked her a few questions: How did you hear about the Violet books? My booker told me about the job and asked if I was available to work for a "book cover." That was all I had heard about it until I received a phone call from photographer about a few things I should bring with me to the shoot (shoes, jeans, etc.)

violet.jpgWhen you shot the cover, did you know what the books were about? I heard a little about what the series would be about on the day that I shot the first cover. I was excited to hear that there'd be more than one so I could one day see the series all together.

Did you have any input into the posing/clothing used on the covers? I was asked to bring some basic articles of clothing to each of the shoots like shoes, jeans and some plain shirts, but the photographer (Shirley Greene) had some specific requirements for the "look" so I basically wore what was required. They were all really cute which was great because it always helps to feel comfortable with what you're shooting in.

vbdoriginal.jpg violet-by-design.jpg Anything fun/interesting about the shoots? They were in a studio, right? The shoots were in the lower east side at Shirley Greene's studio. The first shoot was fun because it was my first book cover and I really didn't know what to expect. She also had a kitten and the kitten kept getting in the shot. Every time we would be getting close to getting the shot, the kitten would wonder into the frame, it was so funny. The second shoot was interesting because the picture called for a yellow bathing suit bottom and we couldn't find one so we just used solid yellow underwear. The actual picture turned out to be a little too revealing so the had to superimpose a skirt on me! It was so funny to see the two (the original and the final) next to each other on a blog I came across on the internet haha [MW Note: Um, that'd be mine].

violet-in-private-712534.jpg The last cover was the most fun to shoot by far because my face was in the shot and it was great to finally reveal Violet's face. The school girl outfit was adorable too, we had a lot of fun styling it all different ways.

What other book covers have you done? Besides the Violet Series, I have done Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy by Ally Carter. It is the second of a series and is a New York Times Best Seller. I had a "similar chin" to the girl who shot cross.jpgthe first cover, and that is why I was selected to shoot it.

Did you read any of the books (it's ok if you didn't!)? I have not yet! My mom has and said they're really engaging and sweet. I plan on reading them! [MW Note: Molly's mom sent me the nicest email a few months ago about how much she liked the books--so cute!]

If you read them, do you relate to Violet at all? It's funny that you're posing as a model, since you are one. My mom told me a lot about Violet and from what I hear, we are very similar. I remember trying to balance high school ("normal life") and commuting to the city to work with FORD and trying to find who I was and what I wanted out of life, all at the same time. In the summertime, before and during modeling, I could be found waitressing at a small restaurant in my town, or working in a beach shop down the street from my house (I live in Sea Isle City, a little barrier island town off the coast of New Jersey.) I was and still am level-headed when it comes to having a work ethic. Fortunately modeling hasn't jaded that sense of normalcy for me. I'm actually working at a clothing store right now while I'm at college in Florida!

What's the most fun modeling job you've done? The most fun I've ever had on a job was working for Kira Plastinina's showroom. It was a two day job, and my best friend Mikel Ennis worked it as well. We basically got to the location, a trendy loft space in Chelsea. The furniture was all specially made and was pink. The clothes were all really cool and hip and Mikel and I had a great time posing for pictures and working with the other FORD girls. It didn't feel like work at all. Some of the pictures from those days were in the Kira stores around the city.

Mollyinshow.jpg Where are you now? School? About to move to NYC, right? I am currently living in Florida and attending college at The University Of Tampa. I am going to be moving back to New York City to pick up with FORD where I left off. I am so excited to get back to modeling I missed it so much and am ready to get back just before fashion week. I may take some classes at Hunter college to continue my education.

What are you up to next? I hope to travel more with modeling and also broaden my horizons with the types of work I am doing. I hope to begin to shoot more print work as well as runway work. I am planning on speaking to the Lifestyle division at FORD in hopes of doing this. I'm ready to get back to the city!!! Thanks, Molly! It was so much fun to get to "meet" the girl who posed as Violet. (That's Molly dolled up for Fashion Week, above.)

Question for you guys who've read any of the books: Did you picture Violet the way she looked on the covers, or did you create your own character in your head? And everyone: Do you usually do that with books with character photos on the covers? Just curious.