The Girls of IN TOO DEEP Talk Fashion + Win a Book!

intoodeep.jpg This week, Jennifer Banash is making the rounds, and I asked if I could interview her two main characters--Casey (the new-to-city girl from Normal, IL) and Madison (the ultimate Manhattan princess)--in honor of Fashion Week. Luckily, they all said yes!MW: What's your go-to outfit, the one that always makes you feel confident and really YOU? Madison: "Black cashmere V-neck sweater from Prada, dark washed skinny Hudson jeans, and black D&G knee-high stiletto boots. Throw a Zac Posen fuschia trench on top, and you have the equivalent of fashion perfection." Casey: (Bursts out laughing.) "Or a hot pink nightmare!" Madison: (Rolls eyes.) Casey: "Anyway... I'd have to say... that I'm not sure anymore. I mean, all my clothes from my life back in Normal seem so... wrong for my life here, you know? (Squirms uncomfortably.) Maybe the dress that Mad bought me? The yellow one I wore to Drew's party a while ago?" Madison: "Oh, you mean the dress I was kind enough to buy you that you wound up seducing my boyfriend in? That dress?" MW: Okay! Back to Fashion! Madison: "Whatever. It's ancient history, anyway..." MW: Favorite designer? Madison: "Zac Posen. Accept no substitutes." Casey: "I'm really still learning about this whole designer thing. Before I moved to NY, I thought that Isaac Mizrahi for Target was fancy." Madison: "Really?" (Raises one eyebrow.) "Color me surprised..." MW: "Moving on... Any fashion inspirations or muses?" kate.jpg Madison: "I'm really inspired by the whole flapper look Vogue is forecasting for spring--it's so glamorous and timeless. And, of course, in terms of celebrities, anything Kate Moss wears is always fresh, original, and amazing. She has awful taste in men though--kind of like someone else I know..." Casey: "Chloe Sevigny. I really admire the fact that she's not afraid to take risks, and, above all, be herself. She's such an original, and has the clearest sense of self that she's able to channel into the clothes she wears." 07_chloe_lg.jpgMadison: "That's so perfect, Casey! Your style is just like hers--that whole Mormon look with the bag dresses she rocks on Big Love is SO hot right now..." MW: Actually, I'm a Chloe fan too. She misses a lot, but when she hits it right, she's a true original. Thanks, ladies of The Elite Series! It was fun talking style with you. In Too Deep is on sale now (oh, to have those turquoise eyelashes...). I'd love to hear the answers to these questions from anyone who wants to share. I always need new go-to outfit ideas, muses and designers to check out. PS-Teen Vogue highlights some teen fashion bloggers this month, and we're doing the same at I Heart Daily. They're great to read if you're into style. ** UPDATE: Jennifer just told me that she's offering a copy of In Too Deep to one commenter, so weigh in below and you're entered! **