Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentines.jpg It's a love day, no matter who's around you to love. Just spread the hearts. And though I try not to tout I Heart Daily too much on this blog (because it's kind of like people showing you their baby photos--isn't she the PRETTIEST BABY EVER!?--which of course he or she is, always), but today I have to share our Valentine's Day cards, created by awesome site designer Martina Fugazzotto. You can download, print and cut them out if you want to celebrate today but you're not into Hallmark cards.And today, we have a guest post by the lovely Jocelyn Pearce, who recommends giving a gift from Heifer International. You can read all about why, but let me just say that Jocelyn's words convinced me to create a wedding registry with Heifer International so my guests can either buy a family in Cameroon a flock of chicks in my name, or they can get me a blender. Seriously, check it out. It'll make you feel good. Happy Valentine's Day! PS-Bookworm just got to read Violet on the Runway! Check out her review here.