Cover Stories: Unraveling Isobel paperback

Eileen Cook is here because she recently got a cover redesign that I really love! She shared its hardcover Cover Story last year, and she's (paper)back, haha: "The paperback version of UNRAVELING ISOBEL came out the end of October and has a shiny new cover.  When I was shown the original hardcover design (below right) I was thrilled. Isobel, the main character, is an artist and the artwork on the cover matched how I imagined her style. I liked that the model's art was slowly encircling her wrists- it hinted at the feelings she has of being trapped. Feedback on the cover from readers was mixed. Some loved it, but others didn't feel that it matched the book.  When we began to discuss the book coming out in paperback my editor and I discussed the idea of having a different cover. "The team at Simon Pulse is great at including authors in the design process. We talked about what were some of the strong elements in the book that we could highlight with the new cover. We wanted to make sure readers knew the book was contemporary and had a romance. The art department also wanted to create a consistent look with some of my other covers including USED TO BE and my upcoming book, THE ALMOST TRUTH.

"My input was that I prefer when the models faces aren't shown as I like readers to have their own idea of what the characters look like and not have it decided for them in the cover art.  I was also interested in having something that hinted that the story took place on an island. The setting in this book was important to me. I set it on a remote island off of Seattle. I live in the Pacific Northwest where we have all sorts of small islands and they have a unique feel.  There's something about being on an island that is isolating, but also special. Like a time out from regular life.

"When they sent the proposed cover I fell in love. It highlighted the romance element and also the design elements I wanted to include. It's hard to decide between the hardcover and paperback covers,  I'll be really interested to hear what readers have to say."

You heard Eileen! Okay, I like both covers, and I love the artsy indications of the hardcover, but I give the edge to the paperback because it's more romantic, and because I LOVE her dress on that cover. Too shallow? Oh, whatever, covers are looks-based!

What do you guys think?