Cover Stories: The Almost Truth

Eileen Cook shared her new paperback cover for Unraveling Isobel last week, and now she's on tour with the GCC, here to share the cover of her latest novel, The Almost Truth! "I am so fortunate to work with the team at Simon Pulse. They’ve given me the best covers. For my most recent paperback release, Unraveling Isobel, they’d redesigned the cover to reflect the romance angle of the book (read that Cover Story). I knew with The Almost Truth they would want to have something that has a similar feel.

"When I saw a draft of the cover I was thrilled. I loved the fingers crossed behind her back. I thought that hinted at how Sadie, the main character, has a very 'flexible' relationship with the truth. She’s a bit of a con artist and not beneath telling a story to get what she wants. The problem comes when she’s told some many stories she’s not sure how to get back to the truth.

"The models were live (my editor even sent me some behind the scenes photos on my phone), then they were put onto a stock backdrop. It’s a small detail--but I love how her nail polish exactly matches the word 'almost' in the title."

Thanks, Eileen! 1. I love tiny details like the matching polish! 2. I think it's really cool that Simon Pulse is repackaging the books to give them a new shot at a different audience. 3. They also repackaged two of Eileen's books, The Education of Hailey Kendrick and Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood, into a single volume called Used to Be, with a cover like these new ones! Here are those two covers, and the new package:


Some readers commented that the new covers are a little less unique, and I agree, but I also think they can reach more people who are looking for the love stories that Eileen writes. Plus, they're pretty! And I love a coherent feel for covers -- it makes them so great on a shelf.

What do you guys think?