Win-It Wednesday: UGLIES winner and new prizes!

VIOLET_BY_DESIGN2.jpg I love all the answers about what makes you pick up a book! Some of my favorite ideas are flipping to the middle to see if the story is reading well, the "OH! Someone who UNDERSTANDS!" moment, and smelling the pages. You guys are brilliant.What makes me pick up a book? I'm a cover + tagline sucker. I know how random covers can be, but if I love the art and the one-sentence note on the cover, I'm smitten. Now: The winner! A random number generator has deemed that out of the 79 entrants, Amy Hacker has won the signed copy of UGLIES! Email me your address, Amy! And for this week, I'm going to send you to visit several Chica Lit authors who have gotten together to do a holiday blog tour loosely based on the Twelve Days of Christmas. Each of the blogs is going to consist of a short story and a traditional holiday recipe and capped off with prizes. Today's contest is on Berta Platas's page (check her myspace blog), and you can follow the prizes for 12 days, through the blogs of Mayra Calvani, Caridad Pineiro, Lara Rios, Caridad Ferrer, Margo Candela, Kathy Cano-Murillo, Tracy Montoya, Jamie Martinez Wood, Misa Ramirez, Sofia Quintero and Toni Margarita Plummer. Phew! Happy 12 Days! PS-That image posted is the cover of my next book, Violet by Design, which comes out in March. (The final cover is a little different--quote from Carolyn Mackler instead of Sarah Dessen, and a tagline that says, "The girl next door is going places.") What do you guys think?