Steve Buscemi and Pink World!

pinkheader.gifThe lovely Lisa has put up an interview with me on Pink World, and she even used a post-wedding shot from my friends Kevin and Mary's soiree. I really like swimming in formalwear. Also, only slightly unrelatedly, Steve Buscemi held the door open for me at my neighborhood diner today. I get my iced coffee there every day (yes, even in the snow), and it was nice seeing him. He did, after all, play Mr. Pink in Reservoir Dogs, which brings us full circle to Pink World! So if you could have any celebrity hold the door for you, who would it be? For me, right now, it would probably be Taylor Kitsch, despite his semi-dorky dark website. I am so glad Friday Night Lights has more episodes to show in January. I love me some Tim Riggins!