Win-It Wednesday: STARGIRL

The winner of IMPULSE by Ellen Hopkins, as chosen by random number generator, is... Thea! Send me your address, T, and then join in the readergirlz fun this month. So much going on at the blog!stargirl.gif This week, I'm giving away a book that Lis mentioned in last week's comments when I asked what book character you'd want for a BFF. Lis said STARGIRL, and I was jealous that I hadn't thought of her! I recently read Jerry Spinelli's amazing novel (I'm behind, I know), and it has haunted me since. It's a *must read*, and I don't say that often. Please read it! And yes, I know I need to get Love, Stargirl too! I can't wait. So this week, to win a copy of Stargirl, I want you guys to help me spread the word about my May 5th release, Lovestruck Summer. I made countdown widgets... finally!... and I'd love it if you'd post either version on your blogs, your profile pages, in a twitter message, as a bulletin, etc. Any way you share it counts--just tell me what you did in the comments. (Hit that "Share" button in the lower left corner for options.) OR Happy Wednesday--and thank you! I always feel a little sheepish asking for promo help.