Bonus Cover Stories: Torched by April Henry

April Henry is on a GCC tour, and she's here to talk about the cover story for her latest release, Torched. Check out the book trailer: Action! I'm in. Here's April's Cover Story: Torched%20FINAL%20JKT.jpg "I don't think I had a concrete idea for the cover. My husband is a graphic designer, so I know what my skills aren't! "I know by the nose that this photo has been used other places, as you can see here. Still, the covers are different enough that I don't think it's obvious. "When I first saw the cover, I didn't like that the woods were on fire. Mother Earth Defenders would never set trees on fire! And I was kind of iffy about the kiss--my 13-year-old and her friend did NOT like it and felt it looked too romantic. But I seemed to be in the minority--I showed it to librarians and friends and they liked it a lot. "I told my editor I thought if something was on fire on the cover, it should be a Hummer--which does happen in the book. I sent him a very, very rough (I'm not that good at Photoshop) version of one with a Hummer and one with a Earth Liberation Front action at Vail a few years back in place of the burning trees: Torched%20with%20SUV%2Cjpg.jpg Torched%20with%20vail.jpg "But the Sales department already like the cover as is, so it stayed. I was told the trees burning was more metaphorical. And it's grown on me. Now I like it! And I hope the kiss means it has romance cover appeal." I like the trees too--I think that was a good call. This is probably the steamiest YA cover I've seen in a while--it may even appeal to adult romance fans, right? What do you guys think?