Win-It Wednesday: Happy New Year contest! Plus, who won Nick & Norah?

M6H0_261.jpg 2008. Woohoo! I'm psyched for this year. I don't really have any resolutions except to be grateful for all the good things in my life. I know that sounds super-cheesy, but whatever. It's true.And Vanessa can be thankful that she was chosen at random to win the autographed copy of Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist! Send me your address, Vanessa! This week, I'd love for you to share any resolutions you have. Then I'll randomly choose a poster to win a lovely, brand new MAC lip conditioner (pictured above with dramatic black background). It's good for guys too--and you need it in winter! So, start listing those resolutions--and enjoy the new year! PS-The last contest asked for your favorite movie adaptation--and I am fascinated by all the different answers! I'm with Kelbey--mine is High Fidelity. I'm just a sucker for John Cusack. I may be confusing him with Lloyd Dobler, but either way, who can resist this guy? Not I, my friends. Not I. cusack2.jpg