Did you love Juno? (I kind of didn't)

juno_ver2.jpg So I saw Juno last night. And--I know, I know--everyone loves it. Overall, I thought it was a good movie. Maybe my expectations were raised, maybe I'd read about it too much in The New York Times, maybe I'm jealous of Diablo Cody for writing it (okay, I know that part's true)... but I just didn't love it.For the first 20 minutes or so, I had to wince at some of the dialogue--it felt forced and self-conscious. Juno just didn't seem 16 to me. At times, she seemed 29. References to Goonies and Thundercats? Yes, I love them. I get them. But do they ring true for a 16-year-old? I also half appreciated that there were no cell phones or online moments, but I also was slightly thrown off by their exclusion. I kept thinking, "Is this now? Or is this some kind of uber-anytime like The Royal Tenenbaums?" My bottom line: Diablo Cody is a great writer, the acting was solid, it was a sweet (but not sickly so) film, and I'll be watching her next one. I just felt like there were speedbumps along the way. Did anyone else have these issues? I'd love to hear what people are loving and not about the movie. Also, Michael Cera is just adorable. Have I mentioned that? It wins a lot of points with me.