Win-It Wednesday: Bloom by Elizabeth Scott

Last week's winner of Wide Awake (which I read right up until the moment of the election, and cried right through much of it, in awe of how amazingly timely the book is, politically) is... Jenny, who ate cottage cheese w/craisins and lots and lots of coffee. Craisins? I love cross fruits!webcoversmall.jpg For this week's contest, we have a book near to my heart, Bloom. I've raved about this one before, and it is such a romantic story that it made me have a semi-crush on the computer fix-it guy at the office where I used to work, just because he sort of looked like the character Evan. Also: sweetest cover ever. IMG_8515.jpg Now, I've hung out with author Elizabeth Scott (see, there we are), and besides having the bluest eyes I've ever seen, she's both hilarious and fun. But for some reason I always forget to bring her books to sign. So this copy is unsigned (sorry), but that does not take away from its brilliance, so you will love it anyway. To win, you have several options. Last week I made it easy with that "What's for breakfast?" question, so this week you have to work slightly harder. Here's how you enter: 1. Join readergirlz (you can sign up for the newsletter via that link). Also, you can join the forum (HERE on myspace), where you can chat with the authors-of-the-month about their books (this month is Ellen Emerson White and next up: Meg Cabot!). It's an online book club with monthly picks, but you actually get to interact with the author, which makes me go all fangirl. 2. If you don't have a myspace profile, you can still keep up with the readergirlz blog, where I'll be blogging a few times a week. I am a blogging machine! Follow the blog there for another entry. 3. Leave a comment on Mrs. Magoo Reads' review of Violet by Design. I'll tell you why: Because I want you to help me cast the Violet books! I need help with this question. 4. Go see the Free Book Friday Teens interview with me, and enter to win a signed copy of Violet in Private or leave a comment there. 2d5f376d326e445076422d65794e7230306f41-85x85-0-0.jpg Do any or all of those, and that's how many entries you have to win Bloom (comment below and tell me what you did to enter). I'm also throwing in a Tess Lip Gloss with the book, because they're fun and pretty, and so is this story. Happy Wednesday!