Report from Rye: A reading with Selena Breed

I love doing events with model Selena Breed, who is just about the coolest girl I know. When we speak together, I read excerpts from the Violet books, and she shares her real-life fashion world experiences. It's a blast. (Also, I think it's funny how we both automatically do the fashion stance of hand on hip, tilted shoulder when someone takes our picture!)Here's a report from a reading we did at the Rye Free Reading Room in Rye, NY this fall. We had a great time and met some awesome girls in the audience. Rye%20Sound%20Review.jpg Selena's in LA now, but we'll still do events together whenever we can! Happy Tuesday. PS-Thanks to Lindsey at Sarah's Stars Book Reviews for the review of Violet in Private. PPS-Thanks to Mrs. Magoo for the review of Violet by Design!