Win-It Wednesday: Red Glass by Laura Resau

The winner of Beth Kephart's fabulous Nothing But Ghosts (and it really is fantastic--I just finished reading it and can't wait to share it!) is... Marie! Send me your address, M.may_red 13-15-02.jpgNow, I have to admit that I hadn't seen Red Glass by Laura Resau before it was the readergirlz May pick, despite the fact that it won a gajillion awards. And now I know why--it's amazing. Seriously, you guys will find this story and Laura's fabulous writing so riveting. You can read about the book's plot here, but I'll just give you a sample of the spot-on images and emotions Laura renders: "Loneliness was tricky: A cup filled at one moment with freedom, and the next, with emptiness." "He said that guys my age can't look true beauty in the face--it scares them, blinds them like the sun." "For a moment I caught a glimpse of how life could be if the sharks turned out to be dolphins. If fear went out like the tide and confidence rushed in to fill its place. If I believed that my bony elbows actually were nice, that maybe there was a shiny stone of greatness buried somewhere inside of me." Okay, I have to stop or I'll just keep writing a ton of quotes that I flagged in the book. But anyway, it's fantastic. Can't you tell? So, to enter to win, tell me your favorite sentence/phrase/passage from a book you love. And if you can't think of one, tell me what book you're reading now, open your book to page 17 and write the first full sentence you find below. Just for fun. And join in the readergirlz talk about Red Glass! Good luck! PS-Help Guys Lit Wire pick out some books for a library for incarcerated LA teens (it'll make you feel warm and fuzzy).