Big Thank Yous! And the Worst Review Ever

LoveSum.jpgThanks for all of your shout-outs and support for the release of Lovestruck Summer! I'm thrilled that some of you guys are already reading it and liking it. Here are a few reviewer quotes:"It's smart and funny and has romance that's sweet and not gushy." --Library Ninja "This novel has comedy, romance, depth, and moments of unpredictability for those readers who tire of knowing how a book will end (but the journey is what matters anyway, right?). I highly recommend this as a perfect summer read. I have a feeling I might even reread it later this summer, it's that good!" --Amee E. "This is the part where I squeal about the ADORABLE romantic scene. Okay, so you can't really hear me mentally squeal, but I'm doing it! hehe I just loved that moment so much, if it were a movie I'd rewind it again and again..and about 50 times more :) It was just so cute!" --tvandbookaddict I hope you guys all enjoy it this summer! And also, to counteract all that self-promotion and gushy hype, the hilarious Alexa Young has started a blog called The Worst Review Ever. I posted the most scathing review I've seen of Violet on the Runway, so come over and commiserate with me? PS-The random number generator has told me that Nancy is the winner of Siobhan Vivian's Same Difference! She called the cover "beautiful but not perfect." True! Send me your address, N.