Win-It Wednesday: iPod and Nook!

Last week's winner of The Secret Tree is... Lauren G! Send me your address, L. I have two giveaways to tell you about this week: 1. One for my book and an iPod nano (just share your broken-hearted playlist on Spotify)!

2. For Sarah Mlynowski's latest (so hilarious and heartwarming) and a Nook! List up to 10 things you did, and shouldn't have... (not here, on Facebook). here are my five:

1. Watched that scary movie. Can't sleep! 2. Facebook-stalked the guy who broke my heart, uh, 10 years ago 3. Stopped by the Marc Jacobs sample sale "just to look" 4. Started "Friday Night Lights." Now I'm SO SAD it's over! 5. Left before my manicure was dry. EVERY TIME!

Click below to enter. Happy Wednesday! (Yeah, I know it's Thursday, but we'll pretend, okay? I'm behind.)