Cover Stories: Timepiece by Myra McEntire

I have long been a fan of Myra McEntire's gorgeous cover for Hourglass, below, and now that Timepiece is hitting shelves, I'm taken aback again by the movement and wonder of these covers. Here's Myra to share her perspective: "I loved the Hourglass cover so much (below right), and I hoped my publisher would stick with that photographer. There was an original image I didn’t think did the story justice, and when I expressed my concerns, they listened.

"Once we’d worked out some kinks, I was blown away by the cover they showed me. When I saw it on the book, actually held it in my hands, it was even more beautiful than I thought!

"The cover was shot by the girl in the picture! Her name is Lissy Elle, and you can check out her work here (prepare to lose yourself for a few hours!)."

Thanks, Myra! I love knowing that these are self-portraits by the photographer-model--even cooler. What do you guys think?