Win-It Wednesday: Freshman Year and Other Natural Disasters

Guys, have I told you about how I like to doodle umbrellas with heart raindrops falling on them? I do. It's kind of my thing. I do this whenever a restaurant has paper and crayons available at the table (which I love). The cover of Meredith Zeitlin's Freshman Year and Other Natural Disasters reminds me of my doodles, and it sounds good. For one, the main character lives in Park Slope, Brooklyn (and I do too). For two, it's Meredith's debut and I have a soft spot for first novels. For three, the main character auditions for Fiddler on the Roof, which I also did in high school (and did not make it--our high school was filled with drama kids and super competitive! I swear! Plus, I can't dance). So I guess I'm confessing that I often am drawn to books that seem like they could be about me...

Anyway, all this is to say that I'm giving away a copy of this book this week, and you should want it for all of the reasons listed above and more. More being that I found these photos of Meredith Z. (right) and isn't she cool? Yay, Manic Panic. And also, the trailer is great.

So, to enter to win this lovely book, tell me this: How many cups of coffee do you drink per day? I was sticking to one, but with a baby, it's up to two. Or three. I'm tired, people. I want to hear what your habit is like. Tea drinkers: I wish I could be as virtuous as you.