Cover Stories: Fracture

Megan Miranda's Fracture cover is wintry and haunting (oh, and the book inside got a starred PW review, too!). Here she is to talk about how her debut cover came to be: "I had a very vague idea for the cover: a girl on the other side of the ice, looking out. But I am also, admittedly, not gifted in the art department. We discussed the idea I had, and they gave another idea as well: a girl, in a red coat, standing on the ice—with maybe a crack running through the surface. I loved that one, as well. I believe they toyed with both these ideas, but found that such a literal interpretation, while accurate to the scene and very relevant to the plot, didn’t quite represent the feel of the story inside. So they went in a different direction to capture the mood. And did they ever.

"Honest truth? When I first saw my cover, I jumped out of my chair. Then I unplugged my laptop and ran down the street to my friend’s house to show her. I adored it. It’s a concept I never would’ve come up with—but I can’t imagine a cover more perfect for the book.

"My editor asked for my thoughts, and I sent back a rather incoherent email, basically saying HOLY CRAP, YES, or, you know, something along those lines. I feel very, very fortunate. Even though they were trying to capture a mood, there are many things that are literal on the cover: the tag-line is taken directly from the book; the girl on the front looks shockingly like I pictured Delaney; and she’s wearing that red coat, which essentially saves her life. I had zero suggestions.

"I didn’t see any of the earlier concepts, and I’m glad. I’m not the most visual person (other than being able to say yes, I like it, or no, I don’t). There were some tweaks to the cover after I saw the concept, and there were a few final tweaks after the cover reveal as well (removing some of the ice from the lake).

"In the end: I love it. I find it haunting and beautiful at the same time, and I think it’s a little different than a lot of covers in the genre out there. I love the way they set up Delaney and her reflection. There’s something off about it, and I think that really captures the feel of the book: that she is back, but something is a little off. There was the Delaney that used to be, and the Delaney that remains. Which Delaney do her friends and family want to see? Which one does she want to be? What happened to the old one?

"Falcon Lake plays such a key role in the story, not only in the initial scenes when she’s trapped under the ice for 11 minutes, but in many scenes that follow. I always thought the girl on the cover was being pensive, which feels right. But some people thought she was dead, which was interesting to me since I didn’t pick up on that. But….that’s very relevant to the book as well: what makes someone alive?

"I’m really thrilled with how everything turned out."

Thanks, Megan! I love the detail in the cover--each time I look I notice something more. It reminds me a little bit of the If I Stay paperback (I guess that's the girl-at-bottom thing) but also feels wholly unique and lovely.

What do you guys think?