Win-It Wednesday: Book Soundtracks + an iPod

So, in case you haven't heard, Figment and I Heart Daily are hosting a contest where you could win an iPod shuffle loaded with playlists from your favorite authors. Each playlist is inspired by their latest novel, and the list is grand. Check it out: Madeleine George, The Difference Between You and Me

Nina LaCour, The Disenchantments

Lisa McMann, Dead to You

Sarah Ockler, Bittersweet

Matthew Quick, Boy21

Robin Wasserman, The Book of Blood and Shadow

Alecia Whitaker, The Queen of Kentucky

Michelle Zink, A Temptation of Angels

Figment has set up all of these playlists on Spotify (follow each link to find those), so if you're reading these books, it's time to crank up the stereo too.

Read the official rules and get full details here (you have to create a playlist for your favorite book). I mean, this is a fun contest. Wouldn't it be the most amazing thing ever to be the Music Coordinator for a great show? Choosing the songs that go with each moment? Thrills. And yes, I did create a playlist for Unbreak My Heart (and there's no Toni Braxton on it!). :)

Get cracking on your novel-inspired playlist!

Happy, uh, Thursday.