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Win-It Wednesday: Book Soundtracks + an iPod

So, in case you haven't heard, Figment and I Heart Daily are hosting a contest where you could win an iPod shuffle loaded with playlists from your favorite authors. Each playlist is inspired by their latest novel, and the list is grand. Check it out: Madeleine George, The Difference Between You and Me

Nina LaCour, The Disenchantments

Lisa McMann, Dead to You

Sarah Ockler, Bittersweet

Matthew Quick, Boy21

Robin Wasserman, The Book of Blood and Shadow

Alecia Whitaker, The Queen of Kentucky

Michelle Zink, A Temptation of Angels

Figment has set up all of these playlists on Spotify (follow each link to find those), so if you're reading these books, it's time to crank up the stereo too.

Read the official rules and get full details here (you have to create a playlist for your favorite book). I mean, this is a fun contest. Wouldn't it be the most amazing thing ever to be the Music Coordinator for a great show? Choosing the songs that go with each moment? Thrills. And yes, I did create a playlist for Unbreak My Heart (and there's no Toni Braxton on it!). :)

Get cracking on your novel-inspired playlist!

Happy, uh, Thursday.

Win-It Wednesday: 12 Days of Sockmas!

Last week's winner of Stalker Girl by Rosemary Graham is... Katie! Send me your address, K.sockmas.jpg This week, I'm glomming on to the I Heart Daily and Sock It To Me 12 Days of Sockmas contest. Go here for all the details, and if you already get the newsletter, you're automatically entered! Follow IHD on Twitter or Like IHD on Facebook for more chances to win. These socks are seriously cute (I have a mustache pair!).

Win-It Wednesday: Losing Faith by Denise Jaden

The winner of last week's contest for You Are Not Here by Samantha Schutz is... Mitzy! Send me your address, M. You'll love this book, even if it makes you weep.LOSING FAITH_finished.jpgI featured Denise Jaden's Losing Faith Cover Story last month, and today she's offering up a copy of the book to one lucky commenter! The story deals with assumptions about people, outcasts, and the twisted mystery behind a sister's death. Read more on The Contemps! Losing Faith is the perfect purply book to show today since I'm wearing purple in support of Glaad's Spirit Day to honor the lives of the GLBT teens who've committed suicide. Go find some purple to wear! (And watch the incredible We Stop Hate video at I Heart Daily -- this organization is one to watch and to make your own video for, asap!). spiritday.jpgSo how do you enter to win? Tell me one way that you're stopping hate in your corner of the world. You can say that you're wearing purple or you watched Alyx's amazing video or that you're spreading the word about We Stop Hate or that you stood up for someone recently -- everything counts and adds up to more love. (They're here on Facebook and Twitter.) Happy Wednesday! PS--Ooh, Jen's first comment made me remember that I so wanted to mention the "It Gets Better" project too -- amazing! Even Hilary made a video today. And if you haven't seen Fort Worth City Councilman Joe Burns and his incredible speech at a recent meeting, get out your tissue box and press play: