Vassar Power!

Fall_2007.jpg Alumni magazines can be kind of lame. My boyfriend's looks like a Jehovah's Witness newsletter--even he admits it--but the Vassar Quarterly is actually good. They write about Vassar in pop culture (and put Lisa Simpson on the cover), publish back-page essays that are heartwarming and well-written, and even include a couple of hearty book review pages.Oh, and they reviewed Violet on the Runway. Nicely. A highlight: "Violet will satisfy teen readers' seemingly insatiable appetite for paparazzi and Prada. But as lovable Violet questions (and sets out to change) this devastatingly exciting world of sex, drugs, and eating disorders, it's clear that this is a teen novel any parent can feel OK about feeding his or her teenager. And since Violet is better than most chick-lit novels marketed to adults as beach reads, parents can feel OK about borrowing it from their teens, too." Yay, Vassar!