Monday Marketing

head_logo.gif In the interest of not just blathering on about anything that comes to mind, I've decided to add "Monday Marketing" to "Win-It Wednesday" and create a regular Monday tip. Authors pretty much have to promote their own books, and now that I'm getting one round of book promoting under my belt, I have stuff to share.This first idea got picked up by Ypulse, which was great, but I'll post it again here: As I go about major grassroots promotion for Violet On The Runway, I found an avenue that seems sillily unexplored: High School Newspapers! It's really a "duh" thing--no one sends CDs, books, DVDs, etc, to this audience, but it's the PERFECT venue for reviews! It goes to such a pure audience. I contacted around 100 high school newspapers offering to send review copies of my book, and ALL 100 replied. I've done a dozen interviews, talked to my real audience so they themselves can write about the book--it's incredible. And here are two of the reviews so far--how fun is this? Violet has good laughs, makes you think (Concord High School, Concord, NC) Review: Violet on the Runway (The Eagle, Victorville, CA) Anyone else have a marketing tip to share? Do tell! PS-Congratulations to Kerry Coolness, who won Jolene Siana's model-face contest. I hope you enjoy Violet on the Runway! PPS-If you're a student who wants to do a review or an interview for your school paper, email me!