Tuesday's Winner and other contests

Kiss! The winner of a signed copy of Pretties is... Ambeen! Thanks for checking out readergirlz--I have a live chat scheduled with them for August 28th, so tune in then (don't worry--I'll remind you again!).I've been guest blogging all over, so I'm tired and that is my news for today. Tonight is the book party so I'll post photos later this week. Don't forget to start thinking about your entry for The Big Contest! And remember, there's still time to enter the contests from last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. And a few places you can still win a copy of Violet in Private (hopefully this doesn't stall you buying it--haha): Tera Lynn Childs is blogging about sports in honor of the Olympics and her awesome novel Oh. My. Gods., which was optioned by Ashley Tisdale (amazing!). Today's sport is basketball, so Violet is once again used for her height. Win the book here. Teens Read Too (tons of great books to win!) Oh, and here are some other great contests that are still going on: Stephanie Kuehnert's Tour Contest. The Shooting Stars Book Contest ($130 gift certificate, people!) PS-I just liked those glitter lips. They have no relevance. The teeth are kind of weird though. My friend Charles just recently told me that I have inordinately small teeth, and now I'm self-conscious about it. Thanks, Charles! Haha.