Rule Book: The August VIOLET IN PRIVATE Contest

1188510704_d03822522e.jpg Okay, so I've been hinting at this big contest, and here it is!I got a ton of awesome fashion and beauty companies to donate products for my NYC Book Party gift bag. The party is tomorrow night, and while I know most of you can't attend (it's in a bar, it's in NYC... sorry!), you will have a chance to win the full gift bag (with 20 pieces of amazing SWAG in it!). Starting tomorrow, I'll blog about each product in the gift bag so you can get excited. The contest will end September 1st. So how do you enter this fabulous contest, you may ask? Easy. Well, sort of easy. You have to make a tribute to Violet somehow. That's very vague, I know, but I really want you to do whatever is fun for you and makes you creative. Some Ideas: knit me a violet cupcake (yes, that's the picture here!), make a Violet flipbook on, write a Violet poem, create a missing scene from Violet's life, post a virtual Violet collage, film a vlog or video trailer for any or all of the books, make a playlist that reminds you of the books, sketch a fashion design for Violet. You can even just take a photo with Violet in your bookstore or library, holding up the book and striking a pose! Or re-enact your favorite cover and send me the photo. Or be Veronica or Sam or Kurt or Roger or Angela or whomever and send in a photo! Or wear violet clothes for seven days straight and send me photos! Okay, you get the idea. And if you haven't had a chance to read the books (Why not?? Just kidding.), you can create something you think relates to Violet, like write your own first chapter based on what you know, or make your own version of the book cover. Now, when you've got your entry ready, email it to me in whatever form you can (melissacwalker2 AT gmail DOT com). On September 1, I will start looking at everything, and that week, I'll declare a winner who will get a FULL gift bag. You wanted a contest based on skill... you got it! However, there will also be at least 10 runners up (and maybe more, depending on how many of you enter). And they will all get one item each from the gift bag, or a book I think they should read... don't worry--runners up prizes will be awesome too. And I'd love permission to post what you create, so let me know in the email if that's okay, and then I'll showcase reader creations once a week for a while on the blog. I think that sounds fun. So... get to it! And remember, my ideas are just a brainstorm--do anything you want that's a tribute to Violet. Are you going to enter? I hope so! And thanks so much for reading the blog, reading the books and generally being an incredible part of my book-writing life. You guys rock. PS-I did a vlog for Enchanting reviews, so go watch it if you have time--I would so appreciate that! PS-The winner of last Monday's contest is... .. Uh, can you see that little dot to click on? That links to your myspace profile where "." is your name! So send me your address, dot, and I'll send you Death by Bikini!