Tuesday in Fashion: Librarians and Dior

ILA_PR_0009.jpg First, I found this link through YA Book Nerd, and I love it: Librarian Couture!Pictured is Danielle Mitchell, who's "Fashionably Green" at the Chicago Public Library, Wrightwood-Ashburn Branch, in Illinois. Second, my Glamour UK story about being backstage at the Dior show is finally out, so I'm going to share it here. I wish I had been twittering at that point in time because I would have cataloged the whole show! Ah, well, I'm a late adopter. Here's the story: Glamour%20UK%20Dior.jpgGlamour%20UK%20Dior2.jpgGlamour%20UK%20Dior3.jpgGlamour%20UK%20Dior4.jpg PS-I love how strong, bright lips are so in right now! Anyone rocking that? I need to find the perfect red. PPS-On that last page, check out Leighton Meester looking SO BLAIR WALDORF on the far right side of the front row. Sigh.