Cover Stories: Invisible Touch by Kelly Parra

I really enjoyed author Kelly Parra's RITA-nominated Graffiti Girl, and her new book, Invisible Touch, looks Exciting. So I asked her some questions about the cover, and here's her story.BC_1416563377.jpg "Before the cover of Invisible Touch was created I was asked to provide some specifications on my main character Kara. And my editor told me she was giving the art department ideas of pictograms for the cover. So I really didn't know what to expect. I knew a girl would be on the cover but I wasn't quite sure what she would be doing! I told them Kara had short hair and she had light brown skin. "When I saw the cover I was blown away! Kara was stunning and the images gave a paranormal feel, but Invisible Touch is urban too and the brick wall gave an edgy feel. I had the feeling they got the brick wall and eye from my website, I was very pleased! "Obviously, they didn't give Kara the short hair. Haha! So Kara's hair suddenly changed in the book. *wink* I did not have to change Kara's hair, but it would have bothered me otherwise and it was an easy fix. "We all agreed on the cover, writer, agent and editor. It was very eye-catching and portrayed the feel of the novel and that's what counted. A few months later when the final cover surfaced the title had been shifted and font changed, but it was still awesome!" Thanks, Kelly! This might sound silly, but I'm so glad the hair descriptions match the cover! I get so bothered by covers that look nothing like the character I know in the book, so I'm with Kelly on that change. What do you guys think of this cover? Oh, and to find out more about Invisible Touch, here's the trailer: Happy Monday!